We appreciate you may have one or two questions when it comes to our shredding services. Below are our most Frequently Asked Questions which may help to answer your question.

If however you still have a question after reading the ones below, or you would simply like some more information, please get in touch with us and one of our shredding specialists will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

Can I keep the shredded paper for my pet hamster, gerbil etc.?

Unfortunately not. When we carry out our shredding your paperwork may be missed with other companies shredded paper which we have to dispose of securely.

Do you offer one-off collections or do I have to be a regular customer?

We offer single collections, once you have your shredding bag filled, simply call us on 01249 471758 and we will collect and dispose of your paperwork safely.

Why shouldn’t we just use our own in-house shredding facilities?

Our advanced shredding facilities means we can carry out the secure destruction of your paperwork much quicker than you can, we can also provide you with a certificate of destruction to ensure you are compliant with GDPR. Our equipment can shred at a much quicker rate than a standard office shredder that would require employees time sat shredding small quantities of paper. Employees will waste valuable time separating documents, removing papers clips and staples, and putting through an office shredder.
Using our service you do not need to prepare any of the documents, you leave in staples, plastic wallets and lever arch folders etc. Just bag it, call us and we take care of the rest.

Can we place data tapes, hard drives, CD’s in the bins or bags?

Yes we do, simply call us on 01249 471758 for a quotation.

Do you offer your services outside of usual business hours?

Yes we do, simply call us on 01249 471758 for a quotation.

Must we specifically use the bags provided?

No, we can also collect bags, boxes or pallets of material too.
If you are not using our shredding bags, you must ensure you store your shredding in a manner that;
  • Will be sealed or lidded, so the paper cannot blow away.
  • Will keep the material contained, for example, not wet or flimsy so likely to fall apart.
  • The container must also not be too heavy for our operatives to pick up and collect.

Do I have to remove staples, paperclips and plastic wallets?

No, our industrial shredding machines handle all these items.

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    What our customers say

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