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Businesses have a responsibility to keep employee personal or sensitive data safe from identity theft or data breaches. Protect your company and ensure you are compliant with our secure shredding service for your business…from as little as £3.50 per bag!

Employee records, financial reports, and confidential information – businesses handle a significant amount of sensitive information. Whether you are a large PLC or a smaller company with just a few employees how you handle, and more importantly how you dispose of this sensitive paperwork which in the wrong hands could result in numerous types of fraud, is really important.

For many years Just shredding has been offering a confidential and secure shredding service to companies in and around Chippenham and the surrounding area. As a business, you have an important responsibility to your employees, your clients and yourselves to ensure that any paperwork containing personal or sensitive information is disposed of in the appropriate manner. In order to ensure that you do this whilst remaining compliant with the appropriate legislation means using a company that deals in shredding for your business rather than relying on using an office-based shredding machine which can easily jam or burn out with the amount of paperwork you would need to shred.

Our Shredding Service

Whether you are a small business with limited storage space, or a large PLC with a significant amount of paperwork that you are required to dispose of in a secure and appropriate manner; we can help. At Just Shredding, we offer a simple and easy to use service that is ideal for even the busiest office. All you need to do is fill in our online order form to request the number of shredding bags you need; each bag holds 17kgs of paperwork. The bags will be despatched to arrive with you within 48 hours of your request, so that there is minimum disruption. Once you have filled and sealed the bags, we will arrange to collect them free of charge. The contents will then be shredded, and you will be sent a certificate of destruction so that you know the documentation has been disposed of properly.

How do we dispose of your paperwork?

The contents of your shredding bag will be destroyed using a cross cut shredding technique. This technique involves your documents being cut both horizontally and vertically. This will result in a pile of very tiny bits of paper that cannot be reassembled and is much safer than a traditional office shredder, which will only cut the paper one way. With the expectation on companies to do their bit for the environment as much as possible, we can assure you that these tiny shreds of paper are then fully recycled, ensuring that they are completely destroyed and unable to be used for any fraudulent activity.

If you would like more information about Just Shredding as a shredding for your business service provider or would like to discuss your requirements with us, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We will securely dispose of the following items:

  • HMRC documents
  • Utility bills
  • Past addresses & phone numbers
  • Credit card information
  • Bank statements
  • Financial records
  • Tax information over 7 years old
  • Customer records
  • Employee personal records

To drive down identity theft we would recommened you shred anything with…

  • Account numbers
  • Passwords
  • Signatures
  • Full name/company name
  • Address
  • Account details

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    What our customers say

    “I was really worried about what to do with all my old bank statements as I’ve heard so many horror stories about identity theft. Just Shredding completely put my mind at rest.”


    What our customers say

    “The bags arrived on time, the driver called to collect them and was very helpful and the young gentleman who I spoke to on the phone was really helpful.”



    Shredding FAQ’s

    We appreciate you may have one or two questions when it comes to our shredding services. See our most Frequently Asked Questions which may help answer your question.

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    Shredding for your business

    We dispose of confidential business documents with 100% data protection guaranteed. We provide a Waste Destruction Certificate with every bag destroyed

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